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When We Meet

Sundays and Wednesdays at 7pm

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What if you could see, know, and interact with God?

What if you could share life in the Holy Spirit?

What if you could be a part of real meaningful relationships centered on Jesus?


Murray Christian Fellowship is a campus ministry committed to experiencing and sharing real transformed life in Jesus with all people at Murray State University. 

Since 1968, MCF has interacted with Murray State students in order to:

Be a home away from home - 

a place of safety, acceptance and care

Have a life that follows Jesus - 
that is continual and contagious

Develop a Servant Heart -

that leads in every aspect of your life

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Mike Kerrick and his daughter, Becca, at MCF's 50th Anniversary in 2018

To the family, friends and all of Murray Christian Fellowship,

from Mike Kerrick, Lead Campus Minister:

I am so grateful for the 15+ year of partnership with you in campus ministry.  My heart for university students beats as strong as ever and part of that is due to the ministry I have experienced here at MCF.


There are too many people to name in whom I have shared trust, love and friendship; and there are a few with whom our conflicts, I hope and believe, have been used by God as fertilizer for growth (I know I have grown).  From the very beginning, I knew life at MCF was going to be extremely real and intense.  My first semester was one that has shaped the entirety of my ministry at MSU.  I knew that simply sharing a genuine loving care, expressed through the hospitality of Jesus and grounded in the truth of his life, death and resurrections, is what was needed to be at the center of all the actions I do.

In the last two years, I have encountered a demographic of students that has captured my heart, international students.  The more that I work with them, the more alive I feel.  With that developing, a colleague in campus ministry, Greg Swinney, contacted me in May to check up on me since my heart failures in May of 2021.  Out of that conversation, he invited me to consider joining Crossroads International Student Ministry.  Through many hours of prayerful conversation, Crossroads extended an offer to me, which Sarah and I have accepted.

Starting January 1, 2024,
I will be leaving my position with MCF
to begin a new season of ministry with
Crossroads International Student Ministry.

Given the nature of their vision and mission, my role in furthering the movement of international student ministry will combine the local community as well as nation-wide, campus ministries, as well as local congregations.  I will be able to continue my relationship with MCF, UCMA and ACM while also expanding my relationships on the national level.

To answer many people’s first question, no, we are not moving from Murray anytime soon.  I am hopeful that my first working assignment with Crossroads will be with MCF!  I’m also hopeful in being available to help with the transition of any new staff member who joins MCF, continuing to support Monica, our Women's minister, and seeing this great group of current students graduate!

Again, the gratitude Sarah and our family have for each of you, the alumni and family of MCF goes beyond words. May the Spirit of God continue to give vibrant life to us all!

Most Sincerely, 
Mike Kerrick

Remember what Jesus said, “I am the vine, you are the branches, apart from me, you can do nothing …” John 15


P.S.  Here are a few shout outs … Nothing is wasted, in God’s economy!    Cha-ching!    27!    Here’s to swimmin’ …!   and  Party Poppers for everyone!!!!

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